Organic Acne & Eczema Whipped Butter ( 8 Oz ) - Kulcha Kernel

Organic Acne & Eczema Whipped Butter ( 8 Oz )

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Acne Fighting, Rebalancing & Anti-Blemish

This specially formulated, extra rich emollient cream forms a thin surface layer, acting as a barrier to prevent water evaporation. Ideal for leaving sensitive skin feeling soft and smooth whilst making dry and cracked skin more flexible. This product is particularly suitable for use all over the body and helps to reduce acne, eczema, psoriasis and any other skin disorder.


- Raw Shea Butter.

- Tea-Tree Extract.

- Coconut Oil.

- Vegetable Glycerin.

- Cocoa Seed Oil.

- Argan Oil.

- Emu Oil.

- Aloe vera gel.

- Vitamin-E Oil.

- Olive Oil.

- Grapefruit Seed Extract & Natural Fragrances.

Use: - Massage Into Skin. Be Generous! It Works Even Better Straight After A Bath Or Shower.

**This Cream is not only good for Acne or Eczema prone skin, but also suitable for any types of skin.

Size:- 8 Oz.