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Organic Cold Process Vegan Handmade Sea Moss Soap. - Kulcha Kernel
Kulcha Kernel Soaps 4 Oz. - Kulcha Kernel

Kulcha Kernel Soaps 4 Oz.

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Sea moss is a skincare powerhouse because of its richness in protein, fatty acids, B-vitamins, vitamin C, E, B6, K, and other innumerable nutrients that make up the human body. Besides, it carries large amounts of antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties that balance the skin microbiome. To reap its alleged skin-healing and lifesaving nutrients, either apply its gel directly on your skin or eat it regularly.

Sea Moss Benefits for the Skin :-

1. Moisturizes dry Skin.

2. Reduces wrinkles.

3. Helps in Eczema & Psoriasis.

4. Loaded with Antioxidants :- Thanks to its richness in flavonoids, phenolic, and tannins like antioxidants Irish moss defend the skin’s surface from oxidative damage induced by the rogue free radicals, thereby lessens the risk of skin-related disorders. These anti-oxidants prevent other health problems as well.

5. Soothes Minor cuts. 


Ingredients :- 

- Organic Shea Butter.

- Olive Oil.

- Coconut Oil.

- Castor Oil.

- Distilled Water.

- Sodium Hydroxide.

- Sea Moss.

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