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Tea tree Natural Handmade Soap 4 Oz ( VEGAN) - Kulcha Kernel

Tea tree Natural Handmade Soap 4 Oz ( VEGAN)

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Tea Tree Soap All Natural Soap Our tea tree oil soap contains two "Melaleucas", Australian Tea Tree and Cajeput. Being of the "Melaleuca" genus, they both, arguably, have similar properties, though the more well know essential oil is "Australian Tea Tree" essential oil. Most people know "Melaleucas" (tea tree oil genus)as great anti bacterial agents, great for acne, fighting fungus, etc. Cajeput has a bit more "woodsy" smell to it, similar Eucalyptus but a touch less "camphorous". We put generous portions of both oils in this bar for a fantastic duo of goodies (yes this is soap, not medicine so study/decide for yourself the benefits of tea tree oil).

Ingredients: -

Vegetable Oil Blend (Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Parsley Powder.


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Men Ditch the shaving cream

Good day:
I recently discovered the Kulcha Kernal, let me just say what a treat I found little bit of
Of everything I needed Internally, Externally, and even Mentality at this one location on Union Blvd in [****]. Shop Stewart & Owner, Phil introduced me to the Tea Tree naturally pressed bar soap and explained the benefits of using this product. He also provided me with an entire catalog of beneficial product that would help me achieve a more rewarding quality of life. Let me explain how this Tea Tree Bar Soap has changed my life before this discovery I would regularly shave using shaving creame and a razor which was causing all kinds of marking, irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs in my shaved area. Since purchasing the Tea Tree all natural soap and replacing it with my shaving cream I no longer develop all these skin challenges/issues and I no longer have to stack up on the ever so famous "bump stopper" to mask or hide my skin condition. Thanxs Phil and Kulcha Kernal for the freedom to no longer depend on a chemical that has been manufactured to not benefit the consumer, by not resolving the problem long term but instead this alternative product would mask the skin issue and prolong the need and the use of this product all a bigger part of that ever so famous corporate America marketing scheme which I personally dont want any part of. I am finally free, free from harming chemical's, free from pretty deciving scents and free from radical marketing scheme that do not benefit the consumer. Thank you again Kulcha Kernel for this like changing experience.